Have you ever considered your facial features when buying jewellery or that of the person you're buying for? If you have, you’ll understand that making informed purchasing decisions can be satisfyingly empowering.

All that glitters…

Hurray for retail therapy and if you're anything like 99.9% of the she population it doesn't take much to be distracted from your shopping list and drawn straight to the sparkly section where everything is good with the world (yay!).

Shopping for jewellery provides a feel-good factor with instant gratification as we upgrade our look at will! However, isn’t it counter-intuitive that shopping for jewellery doesn’t come with the same considerations that shopping for garments does? Why is it that so many of us don’t consider the fit of accessories?

Buying into the look

When we shop in-store or online we are bombarded with aspirational images that can affect our judgment, these suggestions often make us buy-into an ‘edit’ or ‘look’ that doesn’t actually consider our own features.

Here is the game-changer: What if you could enjoy fashion-led collections that are designed to suit you whilst still being aspirational?

Our vision

At Rocco we want to help you shop in a smarter way so that your purchasing decisions are guaranteed to compliment your features.

Welcome to a place of well-being and insight where you can shop for yourself and others knowing each collection has been designed to create balance and accentuate your physicality.

Our passion for materials and processes and love for art and culture are embedded into each piece so you can express your style effortlessly.

Why it works

Our design-driven approach to jewellery always puts HER first (hi beautiful!). We consider the function and aesthetic for better performance. Purpose is part of the design process at Rocco and that is why the wearing effect feels effortless and exudes confidence and flair in the eye of the beholder.


Start your journey of self-appreciation and buy into yourself, with fashion-led tailored jewellery, available in a range of sizes.

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